Who’s Gaming: Behind the Data [Infographic]

Over the last 5 years, social gaming has expanded to incredible levels. For example, Zynga (gaming site) attracts over 70 million users each month, and continues to grow. Today, we present a data-driven graphic (h/t Visual.ly) showing who is responsible for this massive growth.

First, let’s identify what “social gaming” is. Social gaming is simply playing a video game on any online social platform. No doubt the increased use of smart phones and mobile devices like ipads have paved for the way for social gaming growth.

Let’s Dig Into the Numbers

Currently, there are actually more female social gamers than male (54% to 46%), with the vast majority of social gamers in their 30’s and 40’s.

Another interesting figure, that may surprise some, is that most social gamers have attended college, which close to half of all social gamers having graduated with a degree. Another interesting stat is the fact that most social gamers are also full-time employees.

I’m not suggesting these gamers play games when they should be working, but let’s be honest, they probably are.

If we dig further into the numbers we notice that only a small percentage (15%) of social gamers play for organized tournaments or challenges. Which means that most social gamers are playing as a way to interact of with their friends or simply kill time.

The Stats Behind Social Gaming

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