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Our Favorite Augmented Reality Games

The 5 Best Augmented Reality Games (2019 Edition) Way back in the summer of 2016, gamers of all ages were treated to the world-changing event that was the release of Niantic’s Pokémon GO. We all woke up that morning in July hearing of a new Pokémon game, but what followed was an insanely creative and […]

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How & Why You Should Build a Board Game

How to Make a Board Game in 5 Easy Steps Back in 2008, a young man named Adam Poots was awaiting jury duty. Like most jury duty experiences, it was dragging through the day, with no guarantee of even being picked in the end. To pass the time, he perused a manual for a role-playing […]

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15 Ridiculously Expensive Video Games

In 2013 when Grand Theft Auto V came out, I was in awe. There were so many features that blew the previous entries out of the water. Not only that, but the gameplay was tight, the graphics insanely detailed, and the animation on point. How was Rockstar able to do all that? It seemed to […]

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Our Favorite PC Communities for Gamers

The Best PC Gaming Communities of 2019 If you are anything like me, you like to engage with fellow gamers about your favorite game, PC build, or anything else having to do with gaming. Going it alone on PC can be fun too, but there is something so satisfying about going to a community of […]

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Who’s Gaming: Behind the Data [Infographic]

Over the last 5 years, social gaming has expanded to incredible levels. For example, Zynga (gaming site) attracts over 70 million users each month, and continues to grow. Today, we present a data-driven graphic (h/t showing who is responsible for this massive growth. First, let’s identify what “social gaming” is. Social gaming is simply playing […]

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What are The Top Kickstarter Games?

The 16 Best Kickstarter Games Kickstarter has been an awesome way to get personal passion projects off the ground. Where a team of developers maybe would not have had the funds or team members to fully complete a project, they can depend on the goodwill and donations of those who are willing to invest in […]

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